Pave The Way

Pave The Way is a project which Stacey began in 2017. Since then the project has grown and is now under application with the charity commission to become a registered charity, the decision should be received by early 2020.

Pave The Way aims to create a world where gender is never a barrier to human potential. Challenging gender stereotypes for boys, girls, men and women and working to spark a social change in attitudes so that everyone can be free to pursue their passions regardless of gender.

TEDx. From Pro Sports To Paving The Way

From Pro Sports To Paving The Way

Stacey gave a TEDx talk at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, about her experiences in football and boxing, and the Pave The Way charity.

Pave The Way has hosted three sports inspiration day events, has a permanent photography exhibition on display at the Velodrome (National Cycling Centre) in Manchester, has run two inspiring women's day events focussed on women who work in traditionally male dominated careers, and Stacey has given over 100 talks in schools and to community groups.


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